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loo loo loo i've got some apples...

13 October 1983
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I work for a Doctor's office answering the phone and making appointments. When I'm not at work I go to the gym, play with my dog, watch DVDs, and go to the mall and wish I could buy things.

Things I like:
Celebrity Gossip, anything from England, cheeseburgers, shopping, working on my house, sleeping, drinking Margaritas & Diet Coke, playing Guitar Hero and Mario, hanging out with Grant, saving up for a trip to Vegas, yelling at my brother, replacing "F" with "PH" (phence, phlip phlop, sniphph, etc.), taking pictures of my dog, Nicole Richie, Mitch Hedberg, Britney, Twilight

Things I don't like:
Chewing with your mouth open, talking with your mouth full, smacking while you chew, slurping while you drink, poor personal hygiene, lying to make friends, mushrooms and tomatos, World of Warcraft, doing the dishes, blow drying my hair, job interviews, winter, manual labor, the word "milk", breaking electronic equipment, getting flat tires, having to repeat myself because someone didn't hear me the first time I said it, the overuse of the word "random".